Egg Incubator – Incubators for Hatching Eggs – 9 Egg Hatching Incubator – Omnidirectional Constant Temperature Control and Humidity Control Egg Incubators

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  • SMART DESIGN: Our chicken egg Incubators for hatching eggs provide a consistent and safe environment for the development of the embryos. Automatic temperature control with LCD Display which uses ceramic heaters to get more stable, accurate, no dead angle temperature with Egg Candling LED light. The portable and ultra-thin body doesn’t take up space and is convenient for manual training. PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION REGARDING THE PRODUCT.
  • STABLE BIRD EGG INCUBATION CONDITIONS: Regulates incubation temperature and humidity with a button touch for easy operation. Water tank and sponge is used to control humidity MANUALLY, the sponge needs to moisten or re-wet and manually scale until you get the right humidity for your eggs. Added alarm to indicate if the temperature or humidity levels are low or high.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Made with ABS plastic that is durable, high functioning, and efficient to make your eggs safe with our incubators. You can assure that your baby chicks, quail eggs, and other bird eggs are safe!
  • PERFECT SIZE: Our egg incubator hatcher is designed to have 9 egg slots; for chicks, pigeons, quails, and other types of birds. The product size is 24.3cm in diameter and has a height of 8cm. Our egg storage organizers are beginner-friendly as well.
  • COMPACT AND EASY TO CELAN: Monitoring your hatching eggs is made convenient with its inventive design with a transparent upper cover and a compact mainframe. Taking out any dirt also gets easy; you can just wipe it off the egg incubator’s blister tray.

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9 Chicken eggs
Hatching rate
more than 98%
Dimension (L*W*H)
28.5*29*12 CM
Automatic temperature control
Auto display Temperature 
Egg candle
with LED light to test eggs
12 Months
Working Life
8-10 Years
Carton Package with foam inside

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