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  • Traditional Festival- Chinese New Year

    Traditional Festival- Chinese New Year

    Spring Festival (Chinese New Year),together with Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, are known as the four traditional festivals in China. Spring Festival is the most grand traditional festival of the Chinese nation. During the Spring Festival, various activities are ...
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  • Hatching Skills – Part 4 Brooding Stage

    1. Take out the poultry When the poultry come out of the shell, be sure to wait for the feathers to dry in the incubator before taking out the incubator. If the ambient temperature difference is large, it is not recommended to take out the poultry. Or you can use a tungsten filament light bulb an...
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  • Hatching Skills – Part 3 During incubation

    6. Water spray and cold eggs From 10 days, according to the different egg cold time, the machine automatic egg cold mode is used to cold the incubation eggs every day, At this stage, the door of the machine needs to be opened to spray water to assist in cold the eggs. The eggs should be sprayed w...
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  • Hatching Skills – Part 2 During incubation

    1. Put in the eggs After the machine test well, put the prepared eggs into the incubator in an orderly manner and close the door. 2. What to do during incubation? After starting incubation, the temperature and humidity of the incubator should be observed frequently, and the water supply should be...
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  • Hatching Skills-Part 1

    Chapter 1 -Preparation before hatching 1. Prepare an incubator Prepare an incubator according to the capacity of hatches required. The machine must be sterilized before hatching. The machine is powered on and water is added to test run for 2 hours, the purpose is to check whether there is any mal...
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  • What should we do if there is a problem during incubation- Part 2

        7. Shell pecking stops midway, some chicks die RE: Humidity is low during the hatching period, poor ventilation during the hatching period, and excessive temperature in a short period of time. 8. Chicks and shell membrane adhesion RE: Excessive evaporation of water in the eggs, the...
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  • What should we do if there is a problem during incubation- Part 1

          1. Power outage during incubation? RE: Put incubator at a warm area , wrap it with styrofoam or cover the incubator with a quilt, add hot water in water tray. 2. The machine stop working during incubation? RE: Replaced a new machine in time. If the machine is not replaced, t...
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  • 12th Anniversary Promotion

    12th Anniversary Promotion

    From a small room to a office in CBD,from one incubator model to 80 different kinds of capacity. All egg incubators are widely used in household,education tool,gift industry,farm and zoo hatching with mini,medium,industrial capacity. We are keep running, we are 12 years ...
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  • How to control incubator quality during production?

    How to control incubator quality during production?

    1.Raw material checking All of our raw material are supplied by fixed suppliers with new grade material only,never use second-hand material for environment and healthy protection purpose.To be our supplier,request to check the qualified related certification and report.M...
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  • How to choose fertilized eggs?

    How to choose fertilized eggs?

    Hatchery egg means fertilized eggs for incubation.Hatchery eggs should be fertilized eggs.But it does not mean every fertilized eggs can be hatched.Hatching result can be different from egg condition.For being a good hatchery egg,mother chick need to be under good nutrit...
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