Hatching Skills – Part 3 During incubation

6. Water spray and cold eggs

From 10 days, according to the different egg cold time, the machine automatic egg cold mode is used to cold the incubation eggs every day, At this stage, the door of the machine needs to be opened to spray water to assist in cold the eggs. The eggs should be sprayed with warm water at about 40°C at 2-6 times a day, and the humidity should be increased according to the humidification spray. The process of spraying the eggs with water is also the process of cold the eggs. The ambient temperature is above 20 °C, and the eggs are cold 1-2 times a day for about 5-10 minutes each time. .

7. This operation can not be forgotten

When the last 3- -4 days of incubation, to stop the machine turning the eggs, take out the roller egg tray, put it into the hatching frame, and place the eggs evenly on the hatching frame for shelling.

8.Peak the shell

Incubation all kinds of birds and hatching is the most critical, there are self hatching and artificially assisted hatching.

For example, it takes time for the ducklings to peck the shells until they emerge. Therefore, if you find that there are cracks in the shells but no shells are released, do not rush to help the ducklings to release the shells manually, You must wait patiently and keep spraying water away from the pecking position. After pecking the shell, some ducklings will successfully complete a set of actions of pecking, kicking, and shelling. But in many cases, they just pecked a crack in the eggshell and stopped moving because they were recovering their energy. Generally, this process ranges from 1-12 hours, sometimes as long as 24 hours. Some ducklings pecked a large hole but could not come out, It is very likely that the humidity was low, and the feathers and eggshells stuck together and could not break free. If you want to help them out. Do not try to pull the ducklings out by breaking the eggshell directly with your hands. If the yolk of the ducklings has not been absorbed, doing that will directly pull out the internal organs of the ducklings. The correct way is to use tweezers or toothpicks to help the ducklings expand the hole by little along the crack, and the bleeding should stop immediately before putting it back into the incubator. It is the best operation to let the ducklings leak out of their heads to ensure breathing, then slowly peel the shells down, and finally let the ducklings complete the opening of the eggshells by themselves. The same goes for other birds that come out of their shells.

Post time: Nov-24-2022