How to prevent summer heat when raising chickens in summer?

Summer is a critical period for raising chickens, due to the high temperature and high humidity environment, it is easy to cause all kinds of diseases, such as heatstroke, coccidiosis, aflatoxin poisoning and so on. At the same time, with the gradual increase in temperature, the prevention of heatstroke is also particularly important. In order to ensure the health of chickens, chicken farmers need to pay close attention to the condition of chickens and take appropriate measures to prevent and control.

First, the summer chicken should pay attention to the disease

1. Heatstroke: hot weather can easily lead to heatstroke in chickens, which is characterized by increased water intake, diarrhea and depression. Ventilation should be strengthened, and fans or cooling equipment should be installed to reduce the ambient temperature.

2. Coccidiosis: It mainly affects chicks between 10 and 50 days of age, with symptoms such as lack of spirit and lethargy. Feed, water and environment should be kept clean and sanitized regularly.

3. Aflatoxin poisoning: caused by moldy feed, resulting in chickens waste food, dysentery and so on. Can not feed moldy feed, pay attention to the storage conditions of feed.

4. Chicken pox: summer mosquitoes, easy to chicken pox. It should be inoculated with chicken pox vaccine as early as possible and strengthen the feeding management.

5. Chicken cholera: it is easy to be popular in high temperature and humid conditions. It should strengthen the vaccination and pay attention to the hygiene of the feeding environment. 6.

6. Chicken Newcastle Disease: manifested as mental instability, scanty feces and so on. Comprehensive prevention and treatment should be carried out to strengthen the chicken’s resistance to disease, strict disinfection and preventive inoculation.

Second, how to do a good job of chicken summer cooling?

1. Strengthen ventilation: Strengthen ventilation by installing wet curtains and increasing fans to reduce the temperature in the house.

2. Spray water (fog) cooling: install spraying device on the top of the chicken coop for cooling, pay attention to the direction of spraying.

3. blocking the heat source: put awnings on the windows, hang black curtains or paint the walls and roof white to reduce heat absorption.

4. Supplemental water: supply sufficient cool drinking water, and add appropriate amount of anti-heat stress medication into the drinking water.

5. Adjust the feeding density: Reasonably adjust the feeding density according to the differences in breeds to ensure that the chickens have enough space.

6. Strengthen management: adjust feeding time and frequency, maintain environmental hygiene in the house, and regularly clean up feces.

In short, through the implementation of the above measures, you can reduce the incidence of disease in summer chicken rearing, to ensure the healthy growth of chickens.    Email:


Post time: May-10-2024