Little Train 8 Eggs Incubator

Little train 8 eggs incubator is belonged to high end under Wonegg brand.Not only kids but also adult can not move their eyes after seeing it.

Look!A journey of life starts from the "warm train". Departure station of the train is the starting point of life. Born on the life train, and rush forward in this vivid scene. The journey is full of challenges, dreams, and hopes.

"Little Train" is a small incubator toy product. Taking children's curiosity about life enlightenment as an exploration point, cultivate children's reverence for life. The design keypoints are based on science and toys to reflect a cute, funny, functional and practical product attribute. Visually present a shape of a little train, making the product more warm, cute and fashionable.

Our packaging design is also very ingenious.

Ponit 1: Focus on railway stations, railway tracks.
Point 2: Two Eggs are about to get on the little train to experience life journey, and there are 21 days left to next station.
Point 3: The shape of chicks are also completely different, which means that each individual living entity is different and special.


【3 attractive colors for choice】Premium white/Retro yellow/Rose red
【Cute train look degisn】Making every hatching time funny
【4 big transparent window】Never miss a hatching moment and support to observe 360°
【One button LED candler】Easily check the eggs development
【3 in 1 combination】Setter,hatcher,brooder combined
【Universal egg tray】Suitable for chick,duck,quail,birds eggs
【Manual egg turning】Increase kids’ sense of participation and experience process of nature life
【Overflow holes equipped】Never worry about too much water
【Touchable control panel】Easy operation with simple button

It support to do OEM item,to know more details,welcome to contact.


Post time: Jun-21-2022