New Listing incubator- 4000 & 6000 & 8000 & 10000 Eggs

Chinese Red Series is very popular for farm hatching. Currently, this series is available in 7 different capacities. 400 eggs, 1000 eggs, 2000 eggs, 4000 eggs, 6000 eggs, 8000 eggs and 10000 eggs.

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The newly launched 4000-10000 incubator uses an independent controller that intelligently displays the temperature and humidity inside the incubator. The entire series is equipped with roller egg trays, meaning you can incubate different sized breeder eggs at the same time. Incubator enjoys automatic temperature control, automatic humidity control, automatic egg turning and automatic cooling eggs functions.


For large farm equipment, stable and efficient functions are essential for hatching breeder eggs in a demanding environment. It ensures that all breeder eggs enjoy sufficient temperature, humidity and oxygen.In addition, the machine combines hatcher, setter and brooding into one unit. One unit incubator can achieve all function and needs.



Post time: Dec-30-2022