What should we do if there is a problem during incubation- Part 2




7. Shell pecking stops midway, some chicks die

RE: Humidity is low during the hatching period, poor ventilation during the hatching period, and excessive temperature in a short period of time.

8. Chicks and shell membrane adhesion

RE: Excessive evaporation of water in the eggs, the humidity is too low during the hatching period, and the egg turning is not normal.

9. The hatching time is delayed for a long time

RE: Improper storage of breeding eggs, larger eggs and smaller eggs, fresh and stale eggs are mixed together for incubation, and the temperature during incubation is maintained at the highest temperature limit and the lowest limit,the time limit is too long and the ventilation is poor.

10. Eggs burst around 12-13 days of incubation

RE: Dirty shell of eggs. The egg shell is not cleaned lead to bacteria invades the egg, and the egg is infected in the incubator.

11. Embryo break the shell is difficult

RE: If the embryo is difficult to emerge from the shell, it should be artificially assisted, and the egg shell should be gently peeled off during midwifery, mainly to protect the blood vessels. If it is too dry, it can be moistened with warm water before stripping, once the head and neck of the embryo are exposed, it is estimated that the midwifery can be stopped when the embryo can break free from the shell on its own, and the egg shell must not be forcibly stripped.

12. Humidification precautions and humidification skills:

a. The machine is equipped with a humidifying water tank at the bottom of the box, and some boxes have water injection holes under the side walls.

b. Keep an eye on the humidity reading and fill the water channel when needed. (usually every 4 days – once)

c. When the set humidity cannot be achieved after working for a long time, it means that the humidification effect of the machine is not ideal, and the ambient temperature is too low, the user should check whether the upper cover of the machine is properly covered, and whether the casing is cracked or damaged.

d. In order to enhance the humidifying effect of the machine, the water in the sink can be replaced with warm water, or the sink can be supplemented with towels or sponges that can increase the evaporating surface of the water to assist the evaporation of the water, if the above situation is excluded

Post time: Nov-02-2022