Smart Egg Incubator Clear View, Automatic Egg Turner, Temperature Humidity Control, Egg Candler, Poultry Egg Incubator for Hatching 12-15 Chicken Eggs, 35 Quail Eggs, 9 Duck Eggs, Turkey Goose Birds

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【360° Clear View】Visible transparent lid makes it great for observing the egg development and hatch. WONEGG egg incubator is easy to assemble and suitable for breeding a variety of eggs, 12-15 chicken eggs, turkey eggs, 9 duck eggs, 4 goose eggs, 35 quail eggs, birds eggs, etc.

【Automatic Egg Turner】The egg hatching incubator can rotate the eggs automatically every 2 hours to ensure the eggs are heated evenly and improve hatching speed. Removable and adjustable egg trays wif grille, better houses and separates eggs during incubation.

【Digital Temperature Control】LED display allows you to set precise temperature. Receive high/low-temperature alerts. The operator panel is on the lid, only need to clear the bottom, which will better protect the control panel.

【Humidity Water Channels & LED Egg Candler】Built-in water channels for controlling humidity level. Also built-in candling light, no need to buy additional hygrometer and egg candler to observe the development of eggs.

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Incubation Tips :

1. Test your incubator to make sure it works properly.

2. Connect the egg turner to the controlling plug in the incubation chamber.

3. Fill up one or two water channels according to your local humidity level.

4. Set the eggs with the pointy side down

5. Close the cover and start the incubator.

6. Long press SET button and plug in at the same time when machine without power can restore factory settings

7. Fill the water channel when there is a need.(Normally every 4 days)

8. Remove the egg tray with the turning mechanism after 18 days. Put those eggs on the bottom grid and chicks will come out of their shells.

9. It’s important that fill up one or several of the water channels to increase humidity and get ready for hatching.

10. Do not open the lid for a long time when hatching, or it will slow hatching speed.

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