Chicken Egg Incubators for Hatching Eggs 24 Eggs Digital Poultry Hatcher Machine with Automatic Turner, LED Candler, Turning & Temperature Control for Chicken Duck Bird Quail Eggs

Short Description:

  • 【LED Display & Digital Control】LED electronic display clearly shows the temperature, humidity, and incubation date, so that the egg incubation can be effectively monitored and protected; Built-in egg candler so no need to buy additional egg candler to observe the development of eggs
  • 【Automatic Turners】Digital incubator with automatic egg turner automatically turns the eggs every 2 hours to improve the hatching rate; Turn the egg left and right, make the hatched chicks will not get stuck in the middle of the wheel; A fully automatic machine can completely save your energy and time
  • 【Large capacity】The poultry hatcher machine can hold 24 eggs, each egg trough is equipped with LED lights, the transparent shell design is convenient for you to observe the egg incubation process and demonstrate; with good heat dissipation performance with power consumption, easy to use and safe
  • 【Easy to use & Smart Temperature Control】LED display can be used for temperature setting (degrees Celsius), agile temperature sensor can accurately sense temperature differences; The external water injection port minimizes the man-made damage caused by opening the cover and water injection
  • 【Wide Application】Egg hatching incubator can be used in farms, daily life, lab, trainning, home, etc, suitable for breeding poultry eggs-chickens, ducks, quail, birds, pigeons, pheasant, snake, parrot, bird, small poultry eggs, etc. Not recommended to use larger eggs, such as geese, turkey eggs. Automated design will help you improve the fun of hatching eggs, Ideal egg incubator for small to medium series!

Product Detail

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【Transparent cover】Never miss a hatching moment and support to observe 360°
【One button LED tester 】Easily check the eggs development
【3 in 1 combination】Setter,hatcher,brooder combined
【Universal egg tray】Suitable for chick,duck,quail,birds eggs
【Automatic egg turning】Reduce workload,no need to wake-up at midnight.
【Overflow holes equipped】Never worry about too much water
【Touchable control panel】Easy operation with simple button


EW-24 eggs incubator is equipped with universal egg tray,able to hatch chick, duck, quail,bird,pigeon eggs etc by kids or family.It helped to enhance parent-child relationship greatly and enlighten science and education.


Products parameters

Brand HHD
Origin China
Model EW-24/EW-24S
Material ABS&PET
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 60W
N.W. EW-24:1.725KGS    EW-24S:1.908KGS
G.W. EW-24:2.116KGS    EW-24S:2.305KGS
Packing Size 29*17*44(CM)
Warm tip Only EW-24S enjoys One button LED tester function,and different in control panel design.

More details


Feel free to hatch chick,duck,quail,bird,pigeon and parrot—whatever fits by equipped universal egg tray.Various eggs can hatch in one machine.


The whole hatching process can be finished in this 3-in-1 combined machine ,very convenient and cost-effective.


Detailed machine descriptions to give you a better understanding of the product.
Transparency cover allows for convenient at-a-glance monitoring,and water filling hole avoid opening lid frequently to affect the stability of temperature and humidity.


Two fans (thermal cycling) provides more reasonable heater cycle system, circulating air ducts for more stable temperature and humidity inside the machine.


Simple control panel is easy to operate,and easy to add enjoys automatic egg turning and security concealed power outlet.


Strong cardboard packaging with foam wrapped around the machine to reduce damage to the product from knocks in transit.

Incubator Operation

Ⅰ. Setting Temperature
The incubator temperature is set at 38°C(100°F) before shipment. User can adjust temperature according to the egg category and local climate. If the incubator can’t reach 38°C(100°F) after working for several hours,
please check: ①The setting temperature is above 38°C(100°F) ②The fan is not broken ③The cover is closed ④The room temperature is above 18°C(64.4°F).

1. Press button “Set”once.
2. Press button“+”or“-”to set required temperature.
3. Press button“Set”to exit setting process.

Ⅱ Setting Temperature Alarm Value (AL & AH)
The alarm value for high and low temperature is set at 1°C(33.8°F) before shipment.
For low temperature alarm(AL):
1. Press button “SET” for 3 seconds.
2. Press button“+”or“-”until“AL”is illustrated on the temperature display.
3. Press button“Set”.
4. Press button“+”or“-”to set required temperature alarm value.
For high temperature alarm(AH):
1. Press button “Set” for 3 seconds.
2. Press button“+”or“-”until“AH”is illustrated on the temperature display.
3. Press button“Set”.
4. Press button“+”or“-”to set required temperature alarm value.

Ⅲ Setting Upper & Lower Temperature Limits (HS & LS)
For example, if the upper limit is set at 38.2°C(100.8°F) while lower limit is set at 37.4°C(99.3°F), the incubator temperature can only be adjusted within this range.

Ⅳ. Low Humidity Alarm (AS)
The humidity is set at 60% before shipment. User can adjust low humidity alarm according to the egg category and local climate.
1. Press button “Set” for 3 seconds.
2. Press button“+”or“-”until“AS”is illustrated on the temperature display.
3. Press button“Set”.
4. Press button“+”or“-”to set low humidity alarm value.
The product will make alarm calls at low temperature or humidity. Re-set the temperature or add water will solve this problem.

Ⅴ.Calibrating the Temperature Transmitter(CA)
The thermometer is set at 0°C(32°F) before shipment. If it illustrates a wrong value, you should put a calibrated thermometer into the incubator and watch for the temperature differentials between calibrated thermometer and controller.
1. Calibrate the the transmitter dimension.(CA)
2. Press button “Set” for 3 seconds.
3. Press button“+”or“-”until“CA”is illustrated on the temperature display.
4. Press button“Set”.
5. Press button“+”or“-”to set required dimension.

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