Causes, symptoms and prevention of diarrhea in laying hens

Diarrhea in laying hens is a common problem on farms, and its main cause is usually diet-related. Although the feed intake and mental state of sick chickens may appear normal, diarrhea symptoms not only affect the health of laying hens, but also have a negative impact on egg production. In order to control diarrhea in laying hens, we need to promptly identify the cause of the disease, provide symptomatic treatment, and strengthen preventive measures.

First, causes of diarrhea in laying hens
1. excessive crude fiber content in feed: farmers add too much rice bran, bran, etc. in feed, resulting in excessive crude fiber content in feed. The higher the crude fiber content, the longer the duration of diarrhea in laying hens. 2.
2. too much stone powder or shellfish in the feed: these ingredients will accelerate intestinal peristalsis, triggering diarrhea.
3. too much crude protein or undercooked soybean meal: these will stimulate the intestinal tract, leading to non-pathogenic diarrhea.

Second, the symptoms of diarrhea in laying hens
1. The chickens with diarrhea have good mental state, normal appetite, but increased water intake and normal eggshell color. A few chickens die due to excessive dehydration.
2. Symptoms usually appear at the early stage of laying, i.e. 120-150 days old. The course of the disease is about one month or so, or as short as 15 days. The main symptom is that the water content of feces is increased, not shaped, containing undigested feed, and the color of feces is normal.
3. Anatomy of live chickens can be seen intestinal mucosa detachment, yellow bubble mucus, individual chickens intestinal mucosal hemorrhage, intestinal tube swelling, cloaca and kidney congestion and swelling.

Third, the treatment of diarrhea in laying hens
1. Properly control the drinking water and add digestive antimicrobial agents in the drinking water.
2. feed 1~2 tablets of ellagic acid protein to each laying hen, once in the morning and once in the evening, and add electrolytic multivitamin drinking water at noon, and use it for 3 days continuously.
3. After stopping the medicine for 1~2 days, add probiotics and use for 3~5 days.
4. Use Chinese herbal medicine prescription for treatment.
5. Strengthen the feeding management and daily disinfection of sick chickens to prevent secondary infection.

Forth, measures to prevent diarrhea in laying hens
1. increase the crude fiber content in the feed of laying hens in the late breeding period, avoid adding rice bran, and control the addition of bran within 10%. 2.
2. Transitional feeding should be carried out when changing feeds for laying hens, and the process of changing feeds should be completed within 3 days in general, so as to reduce the stimulation of the intestinal tract caused by the high content of stone powder and crude protein.
3. Regularly check the quality of feed to ensure that the feed is fresh and free of mold.
4. Strengthen feeding management, keep the chicken house dry and well ventilated to reduce stress factors.
5. Carry out vaccination and deworming regularly to improve the immunity of chickens.    Email:


Post time: Apr-25-2024