How to choose fertilized eggs?

Hatchery egg means fertilized eggs for incubation.Hatchery eggs should be fertilized eggs.But it does not mean every fertilized eggs can be hatched.Hatching result can be different from egg condition.For being a good hatchery egg,mother chick need to be under good nutritious state. Also,eggs should be incubated before 7 days passed after laid out.It is better to keep at the place with temperature of 10-16°C and 70% humidity avoiding direct ray of light before start incubation.Eggs with cracks on eggshell,abnormal shape or eggs with contaminated eggshell are not good at hatchery eggs.


Fertilized egg
Fertilized egg is a egg laid by mating a hen and a cock.So,it can become a chicken.

Unfertilized egg
Unfertilized egg is an egg we generally eat.As an unfertilized egg s laid by a hen alone,it can not become a chicken.

1.Eggs are suitable for hatching.


2.Eggs with low hatching percentage.


3.Eggs to be scrapped.


Please must check the development of the eggs in time during the incubation period:
The lst time eggs testing(day 5th- 6th): Mainly check the fetilization of the hatching eggs, and select out ufertilized eggs, loose yolk eggs and dead sperm eggs.
The 2nd times eggs checking ( days 11th-12th): Mainly check the development of the egg embryos. The well-developed embryos become larger, the blood vessels are all over the egg, and the air cells are large and well- defined.
The 3rd times eggs testing (day 16th-17th): Aim the light source with the small head, the embryo in a well-developed egg is flled with embryos, and can't see light in most places; if it is a sillbirth, the blood vessels in the egg are blurred and not visible, the part near the air chamber turns yellow, and the boundary between the egg contents and the air chamber is not obvious.
Hatching period (Day 19th-21th): It has entered the hatching period when there are cracks on the eggshell, Meanwhile It’s necessary to increase the humidity to ensure that the eggshell is soft enough for the chicks to break the shell,and reduce the temperature to 37-37.5°C is the best.

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