New Lisiting – Ozone Generator


▲What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of oxygen (O2), which is gaseous at room temperature and colorless and has a grassy smell when the concentration is low. The main components of Ozone are amine R3N, hydrogen sulfide H2S, methyl mercaptan CH2SH, etc.

▲How does Ozone Generator work?

The chemical properties of ozone are relatively active and have strong oxidizing ability. When encountering bacteria and harmful chemical substances (such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia), an oxidation reaction occurs decompose odor and other organic or inorganic substances immediately, so as to play the functions of sterilization, deodorization and deodorization, and decomposition of harmful gases. We recommend that the operating time of the device does not exceed 2 hours each time.

▲Does Ozone safe or not?

Ozone is extremely unstable and automatically decomposes into oxygen within a few hours, so there is no pollution and residue. It is the only substance recognized by the world that can directly sterilize food and beverages!

▲Where is suitable for ozone machine work?

Bedroom, draw room, car, supermarket, school, new house decoration, kitchen, office, chicken farm ect.
For example. In new house, Ozone can remove toxic substances released from decoration, synthetic boards and paints, kill bacteria and viruses in the air, kill microorganisms growing in carpets, eliminate cold bacteria, prevent the occurrence of influenza, increase Indoor oxygen content.

▲ How many kinds of model for choice?

7 models total. OG-05G,OG-10G,OG-16G,OG-20G,OG-24G,OG-30G,OG-40G.


Post time: Oct-14-2022