New Listing – Inverter

An inverter converts the DC voltage to an AC voltage. In most cases, the input DC voltage is usually lower while the output AC is equal to the grid supply voltage of either 120 volts, or 240 Volts depending on the country.

The inverter may be built as standalone equipment for applications such as solar power, or to work as a backup power supply from batteries which are charged separately. Especially in some area with shortage power, incubator can working on 12V battery to keep high hatching rate.


Three different power of inverters for your choice.

200W : Suit for 35 eggs & 36 eggs incubator

500W: Suit for 50 eggs & E series (46 eggs-322 eggs) & 120 eggs incubator

2000W: Suit for 400 eggs incubator


Inverter is suggested ordered with incubator together. Working like picture showing. 



If you order one inverter, You will find


User manual*1

Alligator clips*1

Packing box*1


Post time: Dec-07-2022