What should we do if there is a problem during incubation- Part 1





1. Power outage during incubation?

RE: Put incubator at a warm area , wrap it with styrofoam or cover the incubator with a quilt, add hot water in water tray.

2. The machine stop working during incubation?

RE: Replaced a new machine in time. If the machine is not replaced, the machine should keep warm (Placed heating devices in the machine, such as incandescent lamps ) until the machine is repaired.

3. Many fertilized eggs die on the 1st to the 6th day?

RE: The reasons are: the incubation temperature is too high or too low, the ventilation in the machine is poor, didn’t turning the eggs, the condition of the breeding birds is abnormal, the eggs are stored for too long, the storage conditions are improper, genetic factors etc.

4. Embryos die in the second week of incubation?

RE: The reasons are: the storage temperature of the eggs is high, the temperature in the middle of incubation is too high or too low, the infection of pathogenic microorganisms from the mother or the egg shell, poor ventilation in the incubator, malnutrition of the breeder, vitamin deficiency, abnormal egg transfer , power outage during incubation.

5. The chicks hatched but retained a large amount of unabsorbed yolk, did not peck the shell and died in 18-21 days?

RE: The reasons are: the humidity of the incubator is too low, the humidity during the hatching period is too high or low, the incubation temperature is improper, the ventilation is poor, the temperature during the hatching period is too high, and the embryos are infected.

6. The shell is pecked but the chicks are unable to expand the peck hole?

RE: The reasons are: the humidity is too low during the hatching period, the ventilation during the hatching period is poor, the temperature is too low for a short time, and the embryos are infected.

Post time: Oct-27-2022